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Can a Spanglefish site act as a Blog? Yes, we'd say it can work pretty well. A blog is a collection of articles by one or more authors, usually shown in date order. Our News block allows you to do that pretty easily, and you can use the RSS feed functionality to promote your blog. You can set each news story to allow comments from visitors if you wish - if you do you'll need to moderate those comments before they go live on the site.

We'll use this page to give an example, with articles about sites we've set up.

Climb GB Website

Added by Garve at 17:15 on 18 October 2022

Tom at Climb GB has had websites with us for many years and has always made great use of the tools in both Spa...

Moray Firth Challenge

Added by The Spanglefish Team at 09:55 on 17 April 2022

We built a new website for the Moray Firth Challenge, (formerly the Moray Firth Sea Kayaking Challenge) on Spa...

Beauty by Louise

Added by Garve at 15:50 on 11 December 2020

I set this site up as the first multiple page site on Spanglefish 3 for a friend, Louise, who is a beautician ...

Black Isle Coal

Added by The Spanglefish Team at 16:00 on 14 October 2020

The first page we created on the new system was this single page site for the local coalman, Andy Gray. Andy h...
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