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Spanglefish 3 Manual

Layout Examples

You can do the same with a map, and in this case you'll see we've rounded the corners in Edit Styles which may suit some site designs.

On a small device like a mobile phone the text and the item will always be shown one above the other.

Side by Side on Desktop

Below you can see an example where two consecutive blocks are set to 50% width. This allows them to be shown side-by-side on desktop view. It doesn't affect how they're shown on mobile devices. To try this go to EDIT BLOCK > Edit Styles and set the Block Width to half. We've done this below with a form block and a map block shown side-by-side if you're on a desktop.

By default, forms are shown with fieldset legends a few pixels above the fieldset border, but in this case, to make the two blocks look the same shape we've set the form style to 'Squared' in Edit Styles.

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