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Spanglefish 3 Manual

Block Styles

The 'Star' icon on the floating menu allows you to change some of the styles of the individual block. Some of these styling options are available to all kinds of blocks, some of them are specific to a particular block type.

So for example this block has been given its own background and foreground colours.

Newspaper Columns

The text in this block has had the 'Newspaper Columns' style applied. It's only visible on larger devices - on a mobile phone the text will just be shown as a normal single column.

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A block doesn't have to have a background colour at all - it can be set to transparent or be semi-transparent with a hint of colour. If it is transparent then the article or body background will be visible behind it. If it's the body background (which is fixed to the window) then that will give a 'parallax' effect when scrolling.

This Table Styles
Styling Effects
Space between rows and columns
Should show a gap round this cell
Striping applied to columns as well as rows
This has slightly different background to cells to left and right
Last column set to be aligned to right
The next cell to the right is aligned right
Collapses on mobiles
The table rearranges itself on mobiles to be easier to use
Switch off hover effect
This would remove the hover/shadow effect

Block Background Image

As well as being able to choose the background and foreground colours for each block you can choose to use a background image. For accessibility reasons care must be taken to ensure that the text is easily legible over the background.

Because this is the block background it scrolls with the rest of the page, so doesn't give a 'parallax' effect like the body background does above.

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