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Spanglefish 3 Manual

Form Functionality

It's fair to say that building a form on Spanglefish is probably more complicated than most of the other built-in facilities, but if you're happy to take a bit of time you can create pretty complex ones. Here's an example using the various different input types.

Example Form
  1. You can add advisory notes as required between form elements. The element below is a simple text input box, but it's set as 'required' which means the form can't be submitted unless it is filled in.

  2. The email input type will only accept text which conforms to the expected format of an email address. eg

  3. The 'tel' input type doesn't validate the field to ensure it's in a recognisable telephone format. There are too many variations like extension numbers etc. But what it does do is ensure the numeric keypad comes up when used on mobile phones.

  4. You can add textarea boxes to allow the user to fill in large amounts of text.

  5. The 'url' input type requires users to enter a full URL including http:// or https://

  6. The select dropdown allows you to tailor the options a user can choose from.

  7. The select dropdown can also be set up to allow multiple choices. On a desktop the user holds the Ctrl key to select more than one.

  8. You can add a datepicker and/or a timepicker field.

  9. The 'ranking' facility allows the user to indicated the options they prefer in order.

  10. Click to add to box above.

    7:00pm 7:30pm 8:00pm 8:30pm 9:00pm
  11. You can use a checkbox to confirm that someone has read your terms and conditions or agree to receive marketing.

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