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As a website owner you're naturally keen to know how many people are visiting your site and probably what they look at and when.

Outside the EU and UK

If you are outside the EU and the UK and not subject to the EU GDPR and ePrivacy Directives then you have two fairly straightforward free options (depending upon privacy regulations in your country).

Simple Counter

There is a simple visitor counter built into the system which you can switch on in Site Settings --> Site Settings. The counter will show at the bottom of your site - scroll to the footer to see our one. It's not very accurate (because it doesn't discriminate between humans and bots) but it will give you a very rough idea of how your site is doing.

Google Analytics

This is pretty much the industry standard stats facility for small and medium websites. It stores huge amounts of information and can be very complex to use, but also very useful in determining how your website is performing. When you sign up for Google Analytics (which is free) you'll be supplied with an identifier something like UA-12345678-1. Enter it in Site Settings --> Advanced Settings and the tracking code will be automatically added to all pages on your site.


Within the EU or UK

Both the methods mentioned above are available to you, but you now have to consider how they are impacted by the legislation which applies - effectively the EU GDPR and ePrivacy Directives. These are too long and complex for us to go into here, but our current summary would be:

If you are a small business or sports club etc... could probably just go ahead and install Google Analytics, switch on the Cookie Consent plugin in Advanced Settings and add a link to Google's Privacy Policy from within your own privacy policy. You may not fully comply with the consent regulations, but we're not aware of anyone having been prosecuted for doing this yet. (So this isn't advice to do so, just an explanation that the risks seem to be (for now) extremely small).

If you are a parish or community council... have limited options because you can't be seen to not comply with the law. You need to use a stats collection system which is GDPR compliant and doesn't use cookies to track visitors. A number of Analytics services have arisen lately which do this, and whilst they provide much less data than Google Analytics it may still be enough for you. We've decided to make one of these, Plausible, available to Spanglefish owners - see below.


Plausible is a GDPR compliant analytics service. It doesn't use Cookies either, so doesn't impact on your Cookie Policy or whether you need to have a Cookie Consent option.

An example of the types of statistics you would get and how they would be presented is shown by the live report for this site below. If you are interested in having this facility on your site contact

Adding this option to your site will cost you an additional £10 per annum on your annual renewal.

Stats powered by Plausible Analytics


If Plausible is a little too simplistic for you, or if you were really fond of the old Google Analytics (GA3) dashboard but can't get used to the GA4 one, then it might be that you'd benefit from using Publytics instead. It looks much more like GA3, and would allow us to import your data from GA so that you don't lose it. We charge £78 per year for this service - if you're interested please contact us for more information.

A screenshot of the Publytics analytics dashboard. Publytics Dashboard


There are alternative analytics and stat counters available on the web. For example Fathom Analytics is another GDPR compliant system, and there are lots of legacy stats counters. If you have one you'd like to implement on your Spanglefish site, email us and we'll look into how best to do this for you.

Page Last Updated: 23 May 2024

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