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Spanglefish 3 Manual

Site Settings

In your Dashboard menu the Site Settings area contains a number of options you need to set your site up the way you want it.

Site Settings

Confusingly named the same as the section, the Site Settings area holds some basic settings. The site name, default language, contact details. You can also switch on a (not very accurate) site counter to show in the footer of your site.


Depending upon your own admin level you may see an Administrators button. This allows you to manage who has admin access to the site.

Content Editors can add, edit and delete pages and news stories etc, upload files and images.

Administrators can also add and delete other administrators and access all the Advanced Settings.

Developers can do all the above as well as being able to change the overall look and layout of the site.

You can also create Members. These can't edit anything but can log in to view Protected pages not visible to the general public. Great for members areas etc.

Site Email Addresses

You can edit the addresses which are used by Contact Forms on your site. 

You should also add the email address which will receive invoices when your renewal date arrives.

Site Social Networks

Add any social networks such as Facebook or Twitter which your organisation has accounts on. This helps with the promotion of the site and links to them can be shown if you add the Social Networks block somewhere on your site.

Site Image

This is the default image the site uses to represent itself when shared on social media. If you have a logo use it, or perhaps a photo of your shop front.

Advanced Settings

Visible to Administrators and Developers, this contains lots of overall settings.


You can redirect urls to point to pages on your site. This is particularly useful if you have moved your site and domain to Spanglefish. For instance if the news page on your old site had the address /news.php you can redirect any traffic to it to your new news page.

Site Account

This is a record of the payments you've made to Spanglefish and also allows you to pay your annual subscription. You can download invoices as required.

404 Page

If someone tries to access a nonexistent page or file on your site they are presented with a 404: Page Not Found message.

You are able to modify that message here, directing visitors to other areas of your site. Here's a link to a non-existent page which will allow you to view our 404 page.

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