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Using the Meetings Calendar Block

The Meetings Calendar is an optional add-on block which allows you to manage everything to do with your meetings in one place. This is especially useful for Parish and Community councils.

13 September 2024 19:00-21:00AGMTown Hall
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Meeting Video: Click here.

13 March 2024 19:00Parish Council MeetingTown Hall
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Site Visitor's View

A simple example of the block is shown above. Your meetings are shown in descending date order. If there were a large number of meetings there would be paging buttons below allowing you to show 5, 10 or 20 at a time.

The arrow beside each meeting indicates that clicking the meeting header will open up the details of the meeting. These details can include some text, downloadable files such as the Agenda or Minutes, and an optional video link if the meeting is available online.

This makes it very easy for your visitors to browse through all the information about your meetings.

Managing your Meetings Calendar

Everything is managed in one place - go to Dashboard > Manage Items > Meetings

There is an 'add meeting' link at the top right which allows you to create a new meeting with a date/time and optional info like the location and duration.

Once you've added your meeting, clicking on the 'files' link beside it will allow you to upload one or more files in PDF or Word format for example. These are likely to be your Agenda and Minutes, but there's no restriction.

You also have the ability to set the number of meetings to show in the Meetings Calendar at any one time.

Each meeting does have its own individual URL, so you can use these when promoting the meeting on social media etc. Click here to see an example meeting on its own page.

The Meetings Calendar add-on costs £30 per year inc VAT. If you're interested in trying it out contact

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