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Built on Spanglefish 3

Spanglefish 3 Manual

Directory Block

This allows you to create a collection of things each with their own information and (optionally) web page. If you're a local council you might use this to create a directory of local businesses. Each one can have a picture, contact information, its own webpage and map associated with it.

Local Businesses


A directory doesn't have to be about geographical data - it could be a list of a band's albums, teams in your darts league. Pretty much anything.

Example Spanglefish 3 Websites

A directory can also be shown in compressed, tabular form, and can be shown alphabetically, in an order you set or randomly on every page load as the one below is.

In tabular form you can also choose which columns are shown - for instance telephone number or address.

Climb GBwebsite
Beauty by Louisewebsite
Heather Afrin Artwebsite
Falkirk Airport Shuttlewebsite
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