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Structured Minutes Page

If you just want to know how to add a new year to your page, click here.

For an organisation like a Parish Council or a formally constituted club, the website may provide public access to the Minutes (and Agendas) of Meetings, acting as an archive of meetings for many years. What's the best way to do this?

We would suggest creating a single page which has a number of blocks, one for each year. Each block should be a 'Document Folder' block. View this example Minutes page to see the final outcome.

File Structure

The first thing to do is to ensure you have a good file structure for all of your Minutes. (You may build a parallel structure for Agendas too.)

In this example we've created a folder called Meetings which has a subfolder called Minutes within it. This contains individual folders for each year.

The file structure is kept simple by naming folders "2020" rather than something like "meeting-minutes-2020". It's absolutely fine to have a 2020 folder in Minutes and another 2020 folder in Agendas.

The Minutes Page

Next, create the Minutes page somewhere on your site (if you haven't already). In the first text box add the heading Minutes or Minutes of Meetings etc and any introductory text.

Then we recommend you add a new 'Page Navigation' block. This will automatically create the menu of page anchors as shown in the image here. By clicking the star button beside this block you'll be able to choose whether to show this as links or buttons.

However, note that nothing will appear on this block until you create more blocks further down the page.

The Document Blocks

Next create the individual Document Folder blocks. Each one should show the documents from one of your Year folders, and we'd recommend putting the latest year at the top.

Remember to fill in the Block Name field for each block as you create it. This is what will be used in the Page Navigation menu above. In this case we've simple used the year as the block name.

Doing this means the blocks will be automatically added to the Page Navigation menu.

That's the job complete, except for uploading the minutes files whenever you produce them.

Adding Years in Future

Here's a step-by-step process for adding a new year of minutes.

  1. Click on the Files tab and add the new year subfolder within the Minutes folder - eg 2025.
  2. Go to your public Minutes page and add a new Documents Folder block.
  3. Edit it and give the it the Block Name of the new Year. Optionally add a Header to the block, (probably also the year). Select the new folder as the one you want to show and save your changes.
  4. Now you're ready to add your Minutes documents to the folder whenever they are available.
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