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Spanglefish 3 Manual


There are lots of extra bits and pieces built into Spanglefish 3 to make your life easier and increase the functionality and reach of your website...

Breadcrumb Trail

You'll see at the top of this page a Home > Extras breadcrumb trail. This helps visitors in navigating around your site. You can switch it on in Site Settings>Advanced Settings. You can see a longer version where it works for other things on this News Story.

If you have Developer access you can change the colours of the breadcrumb in Appearance --> Site Styles --> Article.


Every site has a public sitemap which your visitors can use to navigate it. It is linked to in the footer of the site and automatically updated as you add new pages, news stories etc.

RSS Feed

If you use the News block anywhere your site will automatically generate an RSS Feed for it. Don't worry if you don't know what this is - it's a way to help distribute your articles more easily.

Site Search

You can switch on a site search function which allows visitors to search through your pages, news stories, calendar events, shop items etc. Click the magnifying glass icon at the bottom left of the screen.

Social Networking Tags

When you post a link to a website on social networks like Facebook or Twitter, the network spiders the web page to find an image, a headline and text to show on your profile.

If you don't specify what the image or headline is Facebook will try to guess, which means it might show an icon or other irrelevant image. Spanglefish allows you to control what these are.

Copyright Notice

You're able to place a copyright notice in the footer of your website.

Back to Top Link

Every page automatically has a 'Back to Top link' which appears at the bottom right of your site once you've scrolled down a bit. If you have a 'Page Navigation' block it'll scroll back up to there, if not it'll scroll back to the top of the page.

Site Theme Colour

Android phones allow you to suggest the background colour for the browser controls. In the screenshot you'll see that for this site we've coloured it green, the same as the site menu.

Hopefully other devices will make use of this in future.

Developers can set this colour in Site Appearance --> Site Styles.


The system allows you to add an overlay to the site which you can use for special announcements etc. Each time someone visits your site they'll see the overlay on the first page they visit. Clicking anywhere on it will remove it and they won't see it again during that session.

Go to Site Settings --> Overlays to create and use overlays on your site. To view the one on this site again click here.

Custom 404 Page

If someone tries to visit an address on your website which doesn't actually exist, they get taken to your 404 error page. This might be because they've typed an address in wrongly, but it may also be that they've clicked a link to a page or a news story which you've since deleted.

You're able to edit the text they get shown on the 404 page. Here's ours.


In the footer of this site you can see a 'hit counter'. You can add one of these to your site in a number of different styles by going to Site Settings --> Site Settings.

However you should be aware that this counter is not in any way accurate - we're not able to guarantee to not count automated bots and it will count return visits etc.

Site Search