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Spanglefish 3 Manual


There are lots of different types of blocks you can add to your page. This one is the default one - simply a text block. It allows you to add as much text as you want, and the text can be formatted into headings or lists, set as bold or italic etc, and you can choose the font colour and text alignment if you wish. You can also do more complicated things like embed images or tables within the text.

The block immediately below this one is a page navigation block. Quite simply if you add one of these it will create links or buttons to all the other blocks below it.

Right down at the bottom of this page is a page last updated block which shows when the last time an update was made on the page.

The Text & Image Block

This allows you to add an image beside a block of text in a reliably responsive way.

When viewed on a mobile phone the image will appear above (or below) the text, whilst on desktop you can choose if the image is shown on the right or left. You can also set the proportion of text to image - this one is set to 60% text / 40% image.

If you're viewing this on your phone try turning it vertical and horizontal and you may see the different layouts.

Simple Table Block

This allows you to create a simple table of data, such as a price list or opening hours.

This also shows how you can reduce the width of most block types - in this case to 80%.

Spanglefish Site
With your own domain registered elsewhere
£78 per year
With your own domain registered by us
£103 per year

FAQ Block

This block allows you to add a set of Frequently Asked Questions which open and close as people click on them.

What is an FAQ?

It's a question which people frequently ask. Websites often use these blocks to provide information which might otherwise result in a telephone enquiry.

Why are the answers hidden?

If all the answers show at once the page can be very long and difficult to navigate. This helps users find the info they need.

Image Background Block

This block allows you to use an image as the background to the section and then (optionally) overlay text on top of it.

You should take care to ensure the text is legible and meets your accessibility requirements. You can do this by giving the text box a contrasting background colour which can be partially transparent.

You can adjust the margins of the text box to choose which part of the image it sits over on desktop layout.

If you don't add any text at all the block can be used as a visual break between the blocks above and below. You'll see an example if you scroll down past the next block.

Embedded Media Block

Although you can't host video or audio files on Spanglefish you can easily embed them on your site from sites like YouTube, Vimeo or Soundcloud.

You can choose whether the text goes above, below or to either side of the video.

Contact Form Block

This is a simple form but site admins can add all sorts of fields to it. Anything entered into it will be emailed to you. We have built in spam prevention tools which are working pretty well, so (for now at least) we don't need a Captcha.

Contact Form

Document Folder Block

This shows a list of the files in a folder on your site to allow visitors to download them.

They can be shown alphabetically or in date order, and you can show or hide columns like the file size.

File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
Test.pdf04 September 201993kB
Test.png03 September 2020122kB
Just a Simple Button Block


This shows a random testimonial from your collection, changing each time the page loads.

Scelerisque tortor amet congue quisque enim leo dolor eros quisque phasellus eu pellentesque condimentum maximus erat phasellus eu congue phasellus et felis nunc quis euismod.

Consectetur lorem erat varius ipsum erat eget tortor tincidunt elit ut ex tortor quam enim sem portaest maecenas dolor elit quis nisl maximus interdum condimentum.

Jane Doe

Availability Calendar

You might use this for a self-catering cottage, or to show days when the village hall is available. Weeks can start on Saturday or Sunday.
The Star button allows you to set the colours for Booked and Available.

« May 2022 »
1 May 20222 May 20223 May 20224 May 20225 May 20226 May 20227 May 20228 May 20229 May 202210 May 202211 May 202212 May 202213 May 202214 May 202215 May 202216 May 202217 May 202218 May 202219 May 202220 May 202221 May 202222 May 202223 May 202224 May 202225 May 202226 May 202227 May 202228 May 202229 May 202230 May 202231 May 2022
« June 2022 »
1 June 20222 June 20223 June 20224 June 20225 June 20226 June 20227 June 20228 June 20229 June 202210 June 202211 June 202212 June 202213 June 202214 June 202215 June 202216 June 202217 June 202218 June 202219 June 202220 June 202221 June 202222 June 202223 June 202224 June 202225 June 202226 June 202227 June 202228 June 202229 June 202230 June 2022
« July 2022 »
1 July 20222 July 20223 July 20224 July 20225 July 20226 July 20227 July 20228 July 20229 July 202210 July 202211 July 202212 July 202213 July 202214 July 202215 July 202216 July 202217 July 202218 July 202219 July 202220 July 202221 July 202222 July 202223 July 202224 July 202225 July 202226 July 202227 July 202228 July 202229 July 202230 July 202231 July 2022
Booked Available

Subpage Menu

This block automatically builds a list of child pages of this page, using the Page Image as an illustration for each one. Some blocks (such as the ones below) are largely better on a page by themselves.

News Block
Calendar Block
Profiles Block
Shop Block
Directory Block
Block Styles

Page Last Updated: 09 May 2022

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