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Search Engine Ranking Examples

In case you're wondering whether a Spanglefish site can succeed with search engines, here are a handful of examples. Note that the rankings quoted are checked using a private browser window, and whilst correct at the time they were checked they do vary all the time.

Black Isle Coal

This is a very simple single-page website for a small business based 20 miles outside the city of Inverness, Scotland.

Despite being very small and outside the city the site often ranks at number 1 in Google for 'Inverness Coal', beating some much larger competitors who are actually based in the city.

If you view its listing on Google you'll see that the page title is "Black Isle Coal | Fuel Merchants Inverness and the Black Isle".

Screenshot of a website showing a coal fire Black Isle Coal Website

Falkirk Airport Shuttle

The taxi firm, Falkirk Airport Shuttle Transfers specialises in carrying passengers from the Scottish town of Falkirk to airports in Glasgow and Edinburgh.

By creating pages dedicated to each airport route and having a carefully chosen domain the website is often number 1 in Google for search terms such as falkirk to glasgow airport taxi and edinburgh airport taxi from falkirk.


Screenshot of a website of a taxi firm Falkirk Airport Shuttle


Spanglefish sites can rank well on Google whatever the language they are in. In this case the site is in Japanese, for some travel guides in London.

Only 3 weeks after launching it was number 1 in Google for its main search phrase - ロンドン旅ガイド which translates as 'London Travel Guide', despite there being quite a number of competitors with larger and much older websites.


Screenshot of a website in Japanese with a photo of Tower Bridge, London ロンドン旅ガイド
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