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Spanglefish 3 Manual

The Menu

Some sites on the Spanglefish 3 system only have a single page and therefore won't have a Navigation Menu for visitors to use.

But for most sites you'll have a number of pages, and the menu is the main way for your visitors to get around.

Simple Menu

Your menu can be as simple as just text/buttons linking to a handful of pages.

Screenshot of website menu. Simple Menu

Complex Menu

Or it can be more complex, with dropdowns containing 'child pages' and flyouts containing 'grandchild pages'.

If a button on the menu has subpages, then a downward or right pointing triangle is automatically added beside it.

If a button on the menu has [square brackets] around it, then that can only be seen and accessed by someone who is logged in as an Administrator or Member.

Screenshot of website menu with dropdowns Complex Menu

Managing your Menu

There are two aspects to managing your main menu.

Controlling what appears on it.

Any page which is set as Visible will appear somewhere on your menu. Pages which are set as Protected will also appear on the menu, but only to people (Admins or Members) who are logged into the system.

To change a page's visibility, either click the Page Settings button when on that page or go to Dashboard>Site Settings>Manage Pages>Page Settings.

Controlling the order and position of pages on the menu.

In Dashboard>Site Settings>Manage Pages>Manage Menu you can drag pages into the order you want, with up to 3 different levels. Click Update at the bottom when you're finished.

Menus on Mobile Devices

On mobile phones the menu will be compressed to a simple list of pages opened by clicking the 'Hamburger' menu button.

The Essentials Menu

Right at the foot of every page on this site you'll find another menu. It's got links to various things like a Sitemap and Cookie Policy. This is managed in a different way to the main menu.

Firstly, the Sitemap will always show on it. To get other pages to show go to Dashboard > Site Settings > Advanced Settings. Here you'll see that you can select pages you've already created as each of:

  • Privacy Policy
  • Terms & Conditions
  • Cookie Policy
  • Accessibility Statement
  • Credits
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