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Spanglefish 3 Manual


We'll add tutorials here explaining how to accomplish various tasks in the system.

Video Tutorials

We plan to add a Youtube channel of video tutorials covering all aspects of your Spanglefish 3 website.

Because this page has a number of subpages we've taken this opportunity to show you 3 differently styled versions of the 'List of Subpages' block. You can choose whether you only show Visible pages (ie ones also on your menu) or include Hidden ones.

So for instance if you've taken a styling decision to not have drop-downs of subpages on your menu you can still automatically link to them using this block.

Structured Minutes Page
Site Forms
Google Verification
Social Media Optimisation
Quickly Add a Large Gallery
Map Examples
Using Page and List Icons
Using the Meetings Calendar Block

In this case the pages are just shown as a simple list.

In this case the pages are shown as cards using the page images to illustrate them.

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