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Spanglefish 3 Manual

Upgrading FAQ

If you already have a Spanglefish 2 website this page explains why upgrading to Spanglefish 3 is a great idea.

Note that this 'Spanglefish Manual' website is itself a Spanglefish 3 website - you can see lots more on our showcase.

Why should I upgrade my Spanglefish 2 Website?

We developed Spanglefish 2 way back in 2012, with some of its code still based on the original Spanglefish 1 from 2006. In web terms that's the dark ages.

Web technologies, viewing devices and user expectations have moved on hugely since then, and the time was ripe for us to do a complete rebuild. Spanglefish 3 is a completely new system built from the ground up. It combines improved ease-of-use with a much faster and more flexible system to provide fully up-to-date, mobile-friendly websites.

So what do I get when I upgrade to Spanglefish 3?

  • A much more modern looking, accessible site.
  • A site which is 100% mobile-friendly, looking as good and as easy to navigate on a smartphone as it is on a desktop.
  • A more secure site - all Spanglefish 3 sites have SSL certificates.
  • A faster loading site - Spanglefish 3 is carefully optimised to load quickly, and further optimised for mobile devices.
  • A more flexible administration system. Spanglefish 2 was limited to a single form, and a single calendar. With Spanglefish 3 you add 'blocks' to pages and each block can be a calendar, an FAQ system, a form, a map, a gallery, etc, so that you can have more than one of each if that's what you want.
  • Better Search Engine Optimisation - pages, news stories, calendar events, etc, all have their own distinct 'URL' addresses without .asp suffixes.
  • A site built for modern social media. If someone posts a link to your new site on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter you can control how that will look and the text it will use.
  • Improved functionality - including multiple image and file upload, displaying single folders of documents from your library, improved member login, updated shop functions, much more flexible galleries, forms you can edit to suit your needs, maps with lots of options.
  • Better site navigation: 3-level menus, breadcrumb trails, in-page menus, more comprehensive site maps.
  • Additional font styles.
  • Bells and whistles: Countdown timers, slideshows, the ability to show your text in columns, add news stories quickly from your phone, and much, much more.
  • A system which will continue to be updated in the future.

How much does it cost?

We no longer offer Free sites subsidised by Google adverts as that model no longer covers our costs.

We have a new pricing structure designed to ensure Spanglefish 3  is cost-effective for you, and also has a sustainable future so we can continue to provide support and development in the years ahead - £78 per annum including an SSL certificate.

As part of your upgrade we will transfer your existing content from your old site to your new Spanglefish site. In most cases this transfer will be a FREE service. 

Do I have to Upgrade?

Absolutely not. Your Spanglefish 2 site will continue to work as it does now for the foreseeable future. However, the Spanglefish 2 system will not be developed further. From now on we’ll be focussing 100% on continuing development of Spanglefish 3 and making it even better.

What we'll do for you...
  • Copy all the pages and text across from your old site.
  • Copy your gallery and shop items to your new site (but we'd recommend that you upload new, larger images as soon as you can as the new site will benefit from much larger images)
  • Copy news stories, members' profiles, calendar events etc, over to your new site.
  • Transfer all your site documents (PDFs, Word documents, etc) from your old Document Library.
What we can't do...
  • we can't enlarge your old site's photos to fit your new, wider site pages. We can transfer them at the size they are, but you will need to upload new ones if you want the photos to appear bigger and look better.
  •  we can't copy your site design to your new site. Because of the new technology and more modern wider page sizes your old site's 'branding' (banners, footers, etc) will not fit the new site's pages very well. In addition, Spanglefish 3 offers you new page design and layout capabilities, and exploiting these will let you create a much better looking modern site by creating new graphics at the right size
Why isn't Spanglefish free anymore?

On Spanglefish 1 and 2 we were able to provide free sites because we could make a little money from Google advertising on those sites. The online advertising marketplace has changed greatly in the last ten years and it's no longer possible for us to make any money that way.

What happens to the balance of my Spanglefish 'Gold' payment when I upgrade to Spanglefish 3?

If you still have Gold 'credit' on your old site we will ensure that this is credited to your Spanglefish 3 account when you upgrade.

If you currently have an SSL certificate for your old site through Calico UK/Hostworld we'll take that into account too.

Are there limits to file and image sizes and numbers?

Unlike Spanglefish 1 and 2, Spanglefish 3 essentially has no practical limits to file sizes or numbers. On top of that you can upload multiple files or images at one time. We do, however, reserve the right to impose limits if we feel the system is being abused.

Will Spanglefish 3 sites work on old devices?

Spanglefish 3 is built using modern HTML and CSS standards and technology. It should work very well on smartphones and tablets, and on modern up-to-date browsers such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Opera and Firefox.

If you still use Internet Explorer then:

  • You shouldn't - it's not secure
  • Spanglefish 3 sites should be useable but may not look the same as they do in other browsers.
How is the Shop facility improved in Spanglefish 3?

There are several significant improvements, including . .

  • the ability to add a 'personalisation' option where someone can add, for example, the name they want printed on a T-shirt. You can also add options like sizes or colours.
  • an option to offer multiple prices for an item. So, for instance, you can sell a large T-shirt for more than a small one.
  • you have the option to allow every shop item to have its own page which is much better for search engine purposes. If you prefer you can have the items appearing in a popup overlay instead when clicked.
  • you can pay a little extra to use the built in shopping cart rather than use PayPal's. This calculates postage and discounts.

[NOTE: we always stress that Spanglefish does not provide a full, professional e-commerce facility. We provide a simple 'one size fits all' shop facility which suits many small businesses but is not designed to handle large or complex shops.]

Can I upload multiple images at once in Spanglefish 3?

Yes. You can upload dozens of images (or files) at a time via the admin system. The Gallery Wizard system means you can then display a whole folder of new images in a Gallery 'block' on a page with just a couple of clicks.

What administrator account improvements does Spanglefish 3 offer?

There are now 3 levels of users who have access to the admin system, and a new non-editing Member category.

  • Lowest: Content Editors have access to manage the text, files and images on the site, but can't add or delete other administrators or access some advanced admin functions. A Content Editor can be set to only have access to edit specific functions, like Calendars or Galleries.
  • Medium: Administrators have access to all the editing functions as a Content Editor does, but can also add and delete other users and change advanced settings.
  • Highest: The Developer is the only level of administrator who has access to the facilities for changing the layout and styles of the site.
  • Non-admin: A Member can't edit anything on the site, but can view protected pages when logged in. So, you could have a Members area of the site which is only viewable by logged in members but invisible to the public.

LOGIN:  The other major improvement is that if you are an editor on multiple websites you will only need to have a single login account and password. The 'Your Websites' area in the admin system of any site you are an administrator of will allow you to jump to your other sites. This means that you can be a Developer on one site and a Content Editor on another, but use just a single login for both.


Can I add a neat FAQ system like this to my site?

Yes you can! The FAQ block is just one of the many different block types that you can add to pages on your site. To get an idea of the ones available have a look at the Blocks page on the menu on this site.

Enquiry Form
  1. Enquire about the upgrade process by using this form to give us your details. Don't worry, though, this doesn't commit you to anything.

Page Last Updated: 12 December 2023

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