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Spanglefish 3 Manual

Upgrading FAQ

If you already have a Spanglefish 2 website we've added some information below.

Do bear in mind that Spanglefish 3 sites cost £78 per annum compared to £29.95 on version 2, but that this includes an SSL certificate.

Note that there is no option to have free sites on Spanglefish 3.

Also, we require that sites have their own domains - if you don't have one of your own we can register it for you for £25 per annum.

Prices are inclusive of VAT.

Do I have to Upgrade?

Absolutely not. The Spanglefish 2 system will continue to work as it is now and your existing sites can remain on it for as long as you wish. If you pay for your Spanglefish 2 site the costs will remain the same as they are now.

Upgrading 2 to 3. Will this be simple? Do you do it for us?

Upgrading from Spanglefish 1 to Spanglefish 2 was as simple as clicking a button, as both systems were on the same server. Unfortunately this isn't as easy when upgrading to version 3. We've hosted this in the cloud and on top of that we've rebuilt it from scratch to allow us complete flexibility. Additionally, the photos on your Spanglefish 2 site are stored at too small a size for the new system to use.

We can do the following:

  • Copy all the pages including text across from the old site.
  • Copy your gallery and shop items (but with the small images which you'd want to reupload over time).
  • Copy items like news stories, members' profiles, calendar events etc over.
  • Copy all your files like PDFs, Word docs etc that you may have saved in your Manage Documents area.
  • Copy some of your images, but at a small size.

We can't:

  • Copy your images at a size which works well on Spanglefish 3. You should plan to reupload all your images from the originals, though you may be able to take time to do so as the small ones will do temporarily.
  • Copy your site design.

So in summary we can do some of the work but you will need to take some time to re-upload images and tidy up your site.

Are there limits to file and image sizes and numbers?

In Spanglefish 2 we limited file uploads to 500kB and restricted the number of images you could upload. There are no practical limits on Spanglefish 3, though we would reserve the right to impose some if we felt the system was being abused.

Will Spanglefish 3 sites work on old devices?

Spanglefish 3 is built using modern HTML and CSS standards and technology. It should work very well on smartphones and tablets, and on modern up-to-date browsers such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Opera and Firefox.

If you still use Internet Explorer then:

  • You shouldn't - it's not secure
  • Spanglefish 3 sites should be useable but may not look the same as they do in other browsers.
Do Shops work the same as Spanglefish 2?

Firstly, we were always at pains to say that Spanglefish does not provide a full e-commerce facility. We add simple shop functions which will suit some businesses but by no means everyone. This continues to be the case with Spanglefish 3.

You can add a 'personalisation' option where someone can add (eg) the name they want printed on a T-shirt. You can also add options like (eg) sizes or colours.

There are some improvements over Spanglefish 2, you can have one option which changes the price, so for instance you can sell a large T-shirt for more than a small one.

Another improvement is that you have the option to allow every shop item to have its own page which is much better for search engine purposes. But if you prefer the items will appear in a popup overlay when clicked.

We are building in some additional functions, though we may decide to charge a bit more for sites which use them. Firstly we're adding the option to use a shopping cart built into your site rather than the Paypal one, (although Paypal will still be used to check out). This allow you to a) calculate shipping charges based on location and weight, and b) provide gift voucher codes so users can eg claim 10% off.

Do Calendars work the same way as Spanglefish 2?

On both version 2 and 3 the Calendar system allows you to add extended details for each entry which generates its own page.

As on Spanglefish 2 you can add multiple events such as a parish council meeting on the 3rd Thursday of every month.

Can I upload multiple images at once in Spanglefish 3?

Yes, that's built into the admin system. You can upload dozens of images at a time. And the Gallery Wizard system means you can then show a whole folder of new images in a Gallery with just a couple of clicks.

Does the Administrators System work in the same way as Spanglefish2?

There are changes to the way Administrators for sites are handled.

Firstly, there are 3 levels of users who have access to the admin system.

The lowest is a Content Editor (equivalent to Level 2 editor in SP2). These users have access to manage the text, files and images on the site, but can't add or delete other administrators or access some advanced admin functions. A Content Editor can be set to only have access to edit specific functions, like Calendars or Galleries.

The next level is Administrator (equivalent to Level 1 editor in SP2). They can do everything a Content Editor can, but can also add and delete other users and change advanced settings.

The final level is Developer. Unlike Spanglefish 2, the facilities to change the layout and styles of the site have been taken away from Administrators and are only accessible to users of this level.

There is an additional user level of Member. A member can't edit anything on the site, but they can view Protected pages when logged in, so you can have a Members Area on your site which the public don't have access to.

The other major difference to Spanglefish 2 is that if you have multiple websites you will only have one login account and password. The 'Your Websites' area in the admin system of any site you are an administrator of will allow you to jump to your other sites. You can be a Developer on one site and a Content Editor on another.

Current Gold Status

Don't worry if you have recently paid for Gold status on your Spanglefish 2 site. If you decide to move to Spanglefish 3 we'll ensure you don't lose out and will credit the new site with your outstanding balance. 


If you have an SSL certificate through Calico we'll take that into account too.

Page Last Updated: 07 December 2020

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