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Spanglefish 3 Manual

Login Accounts

On Spanglefish 3* you have an account which gives you access to the Spanglefish admin system. It's important to note that this account is NOT specifically linked to any particular website.

Instead, the account is separate. Your account can then be 'linked' to one of more websites on the system, giving you access to the admin system for each site.

So for example, you may be the clerk for two different parish councils which have Spanglefish sites. Your account is linked to both sites with Site Administrator permissions. If at some time in future you stop being clerk for one site, we can remove you as administrator for that one but your account will still let you manage the other one.

* this is different to Spanglefish 2 where you would have had different accounts with different passwords for each site.

Account Email Address

Because of this your account should use your own personal email address, not (for example) Your account email address is ONLY used for logging in, and for us to send you password reset emails or occasional newsletters, it's NOT used for the contact us forms on the site or shown in the site's contact details.

Switching between Sites

If you manage more than one site we've tried to make it easy for you to work on them all. If you go to Dashboard > Your Details you should see a list of your sites with the ability to switch between them in admin mode.


Why does the Admin Dashboard on one of my sites not look the same as the other?

There are various levels of Administrator which give you different functions you have access to. Broadly a Content Editor can manage the text on pages, a Site Administrator can also add and delete other administrators and a Developer can change the overall design of the site.

It's possible for you to be a Developer on one site but a Content Editor on another, so you'd see far fewer functions in the admin system on one.

How do I remove myself as Admin on one of my sites?

It's pretty easy to remove yourself as an admin. Just log into that site, go to Site Settings > Administrators and click Remove beside your name.

If there is no other Site Administrator (or Developer) for that site you'll get a warning telling you that you need to create one before you can relinquish your admin rights.

But if there is already another Site Admin, then by doing this you've effectively handed the site over to them and you no longer have any access or responsibility for it.

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