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Spanglefish 3 Manual


This page will hold questions we regularly get asked and will hopefully become an easy way to quickly resolve any issues you have.

How do I change my Menu so that headings can/can't be clicked?

If you have subpages on your site the menu can be set up in two different ways.

  1. Allow headings to be clicked.
  2. Don't allow headings to be clicked.

To explain, imagine you have a page called Nearby Walks. You have subpages of it called Walk by the Sea, Walk in the Woods etc. You might want to have a summary of the walks on the Nearby Walks page, and perhaps a list of them. If so you'll want to choose option 1. However, you might prefer that you don't have anything on the Nearby Walks page, and therefore you don't want any visitors going to it. In that case choosing option 2 means that the Nearby Walks button on the Menu won't be clickable - it can only be used to 'open' the submenu showing the actual walks.

To change this behaviour go to Dashboard -> Site Settings -> Advanced Settings -> and scroll down until you reach the Navigation Functionality box.

Note, this only applies to menu buttons which have subpages and you can only change this for your whole site. You can't have one menu heading clickable and another not.

How do I Verify my ownership of my site with Google?

We've built a page just to explain verifying with Google here.

Where is my Sitemap?

Unless your site is a single page site you actually have two sitemaps. One is human-readable. You can find a link to it in the footer of your site, or just add /sitemap after your domain. Our human-readable sitemap can be found here.

You also have a machine-readable sitemap which you might submit to search engines like Google so that they can easily keep track of changes to your site. To view your machine-readable sitemap just add /xml after your domain. Our machine-readable sitemap can be found here.

Your XML sitemap might just look like a whole bunch of text in your browser - right-click on it then select View Source from the context menu to see the actual XML code.

Why do I log into both my Spanglefish sites with the same login details?

You'll only have one admin login even if you have multiple websites with us. For more information see our page on Admin Accounts.

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